Special thanks !

We wanted to publicly thank our partners for the help given to us in the development of our project of contesting station at FY5KE.

Logo CSG - 9.9 ko

  • REF, the national association for amateur radio in France, which hosted this website.

  • OM7ZZ @ microHam, who is a very nice guy selling many interesting products for contesting.
    • Astro Radio, dealer of ham radio products in Spain (Ameritron, MFJ, …).

    Logo PALSTAR - 3.8 ko

    • PALSTAR, High quality Amateur Radio products from USA (Wattmeters, Antenna Tuners, Antenna Analyser, Filters, Dummy Loads …).

    Logo OM Power - 2.6 ko

    • OM Power, HF power amplifiers, made in Slovakia.

    WX0B - 2 ko

    • WX0B, OUTSTANDING Radio Products ! ICE Filters Distributor.

    • Win-Test ! Yes, it is us, but it helps us so much that one could not make differently than speaking about it here !